In partnership with Lithuanian Filmmakers Union, BEAST is extending its program with a unique participation of Lithuania, under the Baltic Eye category. Exploring archive and modern film, we discover cinematic highlights and history of a Baltic country celebrating 100 years of independence.

“The history of Lithuanian cinema falls into two distinct periods – soviet and post-soviet. This distinction appears based on the fact that the existence of cinema depends, to a great extent, on production technology, high production costs and opportunities to promote cinematic production and gain popular appeal.

The Lithuanian film demonstrates an overwhelming potential to employ modern feature film vocabulary for bringing across the message of cultural individuality and identity of the country. So far, it has been successfully pursuing this path to enter European cultural stage. On that stage, cinema has an important role to play. The responsibility for adequate exploitation of this potential lies with the country’s leadership, vested with the task of setting cultural policy as an integral part of the national home and foreign policy.”

Lithuanian Film Center