9 ways to draw a person

Sasha Svirsky
Russia | 2016 | Animation, Experimental | 6’29’’ | Sub. PT/EN

Friday / 28.09.2018 / 19:00 / Cinema Passos Manuel / experimentalEAST 2


Nine short and unexpected stories that tell us, how a person can be depicted. By mixing abstraction, collage, drawing animation the author invites us into a spontaneous and unsystematic research of potential of the animation and leads us into the world of irrepressible imagination.


Sasha Svirsky was born July 9th 1980 in Soviet Runo village, Stavropol Area, Russia. In 2002 he graduated from Grekov Art College in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Since 2008 he works as an independent animation director and an artist. He develops his own artistic language by mixing media. During this time he has created more than 12 animation films and continues to make graphics artworks, painting and collages. Since 2013 he lives and works in Moscow.

Film Details

DIRECTING: Sasha Svirsky
SCRIPT: Sasha Svirsky
MUSIC: Alexey Prosvirnin
PRODUCTION: Nadezhda Svirskaia

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