DIRECTOR FOCUS: Kateryna Gornostai

Saturday / 29.09.2018 / 18:15 / Cinema Trindade / Director Focus

With every edition, BEAST is proposing an emerging Director Focus from the country in Focus. Presenting young promising directors and enabling new talents to share their work in several stages, from the first steps until productions which received international recognition.  This year’s focus is on Kateryna Gornostai, young Ukrainian director, presenting three films and a special Q&A Session.

Kateryna Gornostai studied biology, and later journalism at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy. Then graduated from the School of the Documentary Film and Theater (Moscow) of Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov, returned home to Kyiv. Now she’s engaged in educational documentary programs and own documentary and fiction films projects.



Kateryna Gornostai | Ukraine | 2017 | Drama | 30’ | Sub. PT/EN

May. Lilac blossom in Kyiv. Five friends and alcohol from the nearest supermarket. You need to be brave to face your fears, but you need to be even more courageous to tell about them to your closest. Looking for lilac’s cinquefoil to eat for good luck.


Kateryna Gornostai | Ukraine | 2015 | Fiction. | 11’ | Sub. PT/EN

“We will be together until death do us apart,” this is the answer to the question, “Till when?”. How about another question, “How will we be?” When the romance is over, it is time to decide “how.” And “how long,” too. A young couple tries to figure these things out.

Maidan is Everywhere

Kateryna Gornostai | Ukraine | 2015 | Doc. | 36’ | Sub. PT/EN

This film tells the story of the previous year, that for me began when Maidan had started and maybe didn’t end yet. The whole year we have lived in the atmosphere of revolution, then war. Whatever you did – you saw these things in the background, you always mean them, although you live not even on a border of war, but deep in in the rear. I want to remember this year, I want to keep the memory of all the people who surrounded me. The year of Maidan, the year marked by war and peace.

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