WORKSHOP - Film4Youth

Saturday & Sunday / 29 - 30 .09.2018 / Escola Artística e Profissional Árvore / V4 Academy

Busho International Short Film Festival

Visegrad Film Hub will be hosting one workshop meant to cultivate the youth, specifically teenagers (14-18). Built to train youngsters with an interest in the art of filmmaking, whether they had experience making films or are new to the field. The process will help  developing each participant abilities in the areas of writing, directing, shooting and editing through intensive training. Participants will begin by learning fundamental concepts and the terminologies. They will put this concepts in practice playing with the camera movement, lights, sound, emotion expression and multiple other elements that examine some of the basic attributes of filmmaking. The participants develop their skills while fulfilling individual and group activities over the course of two days.

Workshop Outline

Through this workshop the participants will learn the basic principles of filmmaking, working with every aspect of the production process: sound, script writing, directing, editing, music, acting, video. They will be guided by an experienced trainer with background in the cinema scene, and they will also receive help from our volunteers. The trainer will split the participants in groups. The workshop will consist of two days of theory and creation, in which each team will produce one short film.

The participants will get the chance of interacting with the festival environment and have open discussions with the guests of the V4 Academy: Workshop for Youth project, sharing insights and presenting their development as filmmakers, producers or festival workers, promoting academic opportunities.



Vozo Zoltán Végh is a director and actor, known for Barátok közt (1998), Oltári csajok (2017) and The Basement (2017).



11:00h – 13:00h Introduction
Examine Film, Tv, Mobile Phone video Genres
Learn Basic Film Vocabulary (shot, montage, mise-en-scene etc.)
Forming groups (3-4 person in each)


14:30h – 18:00h Learn Basic Story-building elements (3 act structure, Hero’s journey, etc.)
Small group work – finding out a story
Discussion, and deciding what to shoot
Basic camera and sound theory
Shooting with instructor’s help
Optionally: continue shooting after class


11:00h – 13:00h Reviewing each group’s raw material
Commenting on each other’s work
Shooting missing parts


14:30h – 18:00h Basic editing – theory
Basic editing – in practice
visual effects, graphics on screen
music, dialogue editing
tricks & tips: how to hide our faults, how to highlight our strengths
color grade

How to apply:

To apply for this workshop you must be between 14-18 years old and have a keen interest in filmmaking. You will be asked to fill in and submit a form containing your details, and also send a creative work – this can be video, photography, drawing, creative writing, etc. (made with professional or amateur equipment).

Deadline: 15th August 2018
Workshop dates: 29 – 30.09 2018
Festival dates: 26th – 30th of September 2018

*The workshop is in English.
**BEAST will ensure that everyone involved in the workshop will have the needed equipment and working space. The participants will also have free access to the festival.

The workshop is free of charge, limited to 15 participants.

This workshop is part of VISEGRAD FILM HUB a special programme consisting of masterclasses, workshops, and film screening sessions. Visegrad Film Hub focuses on the four Visegrad countries: Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Poland.

The Filmmaking Workshop for Youth is organized by BEAST – International Film Festival in partnership with BuSho International Short Film Festival, with the support of THE VISEGRAD FUND.

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