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Friday / 28.09.2018 / 21:30 / Casa das Artes / V4 and After

The first edition of the oldest Czech festivals Brno 16 took place in 1960s. Since the second half of the 1960s it has systematically been creating its own archive. At the beginning it contained predominantly 16mm films (which is how the festival got its name) and today it contains more modern formats.

The selection represents a selection of Czech short films from the competition which were created during the Communist era outside the studio system between 1960s and 1980s.



Rudolf Mihle | Czech Republic | 1963 | Doc. | 5’ | Sub. PT/EN

Gamblers on roofs, i.e. workers filmed on a secret camera while working on the roofs of Prague without any kind of safety mechanism.

...And yet if fills!

Rudolf Mihle | Czech Republic | 1963 | Doc. | 4’ | b/w 16mm | Sub. PT/EN

“Comrades! It’s necessary to talk it over straight.” Snarky view of the industry distorted by communism, controlled by the state. I.e. from the first idea to production, distribution, and utilising waste.

Fugue 43

Roman Skalický | Czech Republic | 1967 | Doc. | 3’ | b/w 16mm | Sub. PT/EN

Chimneys. Streets. One family with suitcases marked with the Star of David. Minimalist and stern film by a filmmaker who became famous thanks to his opulent short historical films from Czech history.


Jiří Řehořek | Czech Republic | 1969 | Fic. | 12’ | b/w 16mm | Sub. PT/EN

Two boys steal a doll’s scarf from a little girl and ran away to the railroad tracks. Cultivated  film shot by Jiří Řehořek who was better known as the author of one of the key publication on practical filmmaking.


Müllerová, Sichler and Smatana | Czech Republic | 1971 | Fic. | 10’ | b/w 16mm | Sub. PT/EN

Almost a cult metaphorical film about power. Evil woman (contemporarily identified with the communist regime by the author) abuses both animals and men.

Flowers without Roots

Luděk Skála | Czech Republic | 1978 | Fic. | 10’ | b/w 16mm | Sub. PT/EN

Young girl gets into an accident. In the ambulance she realises things about herself. Urgent film about drugs directed by doctor L. Skála who belonged to key figures of the so-called “health film”. Silver medal at B16 1978.

Etude 44

Jaroslav Mencl | Czech Republic | 1967 | Fic. | 10’ | 16mm | Sub. PT/EB

As it states in the original festival catalogue of 16mm archive amateur films, this is a “poetic movie with an anti-war motive.” Former pilot Jaroslav Mencl from Prostějov strongly follows the tradition of Czechoslovak lyrical film.

Brno 16 Jingle

Petr Hvižď | Czech Republic | 1987 | Fic. | 3’ | color 16mm | Sub. PT/EN

The most remarkable jingle for the festival was directed by Petr Hvižď who, after the revolution, fundamentally influenced forthcoming functioning and direction of Brno 16.


Milan Kazda | Czech Republic | Fic. | 10’ | 16mm | Sub. PT/EN

The Czech names of the five stories all start with P – Písnička (Song), Papír (Paper), Příběh amatérský (Amateur story), Pokuta (Fine), Plus the Last Story and are connected by pronounced professionality. Milan’s anecdotes are not bound by any story circle, but they depict one of the faces of local satire of the time period.

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