HUNGARIAN SHORTS: From Budapest to Porto

w/ BuSho International Short Film Festival

Sunday / 30.09.2018 / 18:15 / Cinema Trindade / V4 and After

Do you want a short? The BuSho (Budapest Short) Film festival was established in 2004 by a group of young Hungarian filmmakers in order to fill a gap in the category of short film, but over the years it became clear that it was about much more. “ BuSho Vision is not a media campaign against the US President!” After this article published on in 2005, the international breakthrough came rapidly, on the 3rd festival in 2007 shorts were screened already from 45 countries. The festival celebrates it’s 14th edition in 2018.


Conquest 2011

Deák Kristóf | Hungary | 2011 | Fic. | 1’ | Sub. PT/EN

One minute – One World selection to the 25 best 1 minute movie in 2011

We are Europeans?!

Papp Szilvia | Hungary | 2011 | Fic. | 1’ | Sub. PT/EN

We are Europeans…

Excuse Me

Bessenyei Kati | Hungary | 2010 | Exp. | 1’ | Sub. PT/EN

A short film about a man in trouble.


M.Tóth Géza | Hungary | 2006 | Anim. | 5’ | Sub. PT/EN

The Maestro is preparing himself to the performance. The seconds go by slowly…

Tripe and Onions

Szirmai Márton | Hungary | 2007 | Fic. | 7’ | Sub. PT/EN

A delicious recipe for a quick lunch, from a vanishing age, served fresh and hot at a roadside shack. Sharing a meal like this with anyone should be a pleasurable thing…


Deák Kristóf | Hungary | 2016 | Fic. | 25’ | Sub. PT/EN

Academy Award Winner short film – ‘Sing’ is a childhood drama, set in 1990s Budapest, Hungary. Inspired by a true story, it follows an award winning school choir and the new girl in class who just might uncover the ugly secret behind their fame.

1 Day Off

Igor Lazin | Hungary | 2006 | Anim. | 5’ | Sub. PT/EN

The Liberty Statue goes on holiday. He finds a friend: a lonely statue man. Events speed up.


Zsemberi Zsófia | Hungary | 2014 | Exp. | 4’ | Sub. PT/EN

The BMW stops in front of a castle. A man wearing a suit gets out of it in front of the stern building. An approximately four‐year old little girl comes forward with cautious and shy steps…

Operation Stone

Barnabás Tóth | Hungary | 2017 | Fic. | 18’ | Sub. PT/EN

A man and his son try to cross the Iron Curtain in 1949, in Hungary. Based on real events.
2017 Main Prize BRONZE BUSHO

Terka Nova

Asmon Stella | Hungary | 2017 | Exp. | 10’ | Sub. PT/EN

Weird haircut, weird clothes, weird name… and a medal. When Teréz finds out her furry friend is gone for long, she dedicates her life to only one quest: to catch the culprit, dead or alive.


Simonyi Balázs | Hungary | 2012 | Fic. | 8’ | Sub. PT/EN

A noir‐style crime comedy is a story of two elegantly dressed men, after they have warmed up with a few heavy drinks in a bar, slowly and calmly go into the night. They have a heavy and important duty ahead of them…

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