MASTERCLASS: Animated Film & Video Gaming

Thursday / 27.09.2018 / 11:30 / Café Candelabro / V4 Academy

Fest Anča International Animation Festival

V4 Academy: Masterclass on Animated Film & Video Gaming, organized in partnership with Fest Anča International Animation Festival (Slovakia), aims to integrate Eastern European animation culture and various aspects of video game creation. The event is relying on a set of topics designed to further prepare young animators, to help them develop and perfect their skills for the upcoming challenges of the industry. Assimilation of animation based art elements visible in national and international cultural life are the main goals of the event hencing the integration in the main project idea of cultural development.

Masterclass Outline

The masterclass will be in the form of an open discussion about the differences between film and game animation. More specifically, it will address the question of how the principles of animation apply to games. The masterclass will also cover the topic of how animated characters are being created from scratch and brought into games. Everything will be related from an animator point of view with the aim of transporting the participants into the video gaming world.


Miloš Černý has a degree in Information Technologies and he is currently a senior 3D animator at Bohemia Interactive. He has been in the game development business for 7 years and he also does freelance work as a motion graphics designer and 3D animator. Miloš also worked on games such as DayZ and Vigor, and he is a co-creator of android mobile application Actual Movie Trailers and android mobile game Colorage.


11:30h – 13:00h Introduction
General differences between film and game animation
Specific principles applied in game animation
Game development from animator point of view
What is a role of an animator in game development
Motivation (short summary of how I became an animator)

The masterclass is in English and  free of charge.

This masterclass is part of VISEGRAD FILM HUB a special programme consisting of masterclasses, workshops, and film screening sessions. Visegrad Film Hub focuses on the four Visegrad countries: Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Poland.

The Masterclass on Animated Film and Video Gaming is organized by BEAST – International Film Festival in partnership with Fest Anča International Animation Festival, with the support of THE VISEGRAD FUND.

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