Memories Of A Bright Future

José Vieira
France, Portugal | 2014 | Doc. | 78’ | Sub. PT/EN

Friday / 28.09.2018 / 22:30 / Cinema Passos Manuel / Portuguese Abroad 2


“Souvenirs d’un futur radieux”, a documentary film of “the emigration filmmaker” is a intertwine story of two slums build within 40 years in between, in the same space, out of the city, in Massy, on the outskirts of the south of Paris. The film confronts the story of the slum where the author lived with a slum where Romanians live. Cross views on immigration, through the 60’s to the 2000’s, questioning the hospitality, the treatment inflicted by France on their foreigners, drawing a common memory of slums, witnesses that migration is also a story. A story of people fighting to break out of misery,  that regardless the discrimination they face, in their struggle for a better life.


Born in Oliveira de Frades, José Vieira moves to France in 1965 at seven years old. From 1985, impulsed by the political transformations in Portugal and for taking part in solidarity movements with migrants, filmed around thirty documentaries for France 2, France 3, Cinquiéme and Art, tracing a portrait of immigrants in France reporting his own personal experience and the individual stories shared with him.

The biggest struggles felt by portuguese immigrants – the life in slums, the trickery in their jobs, the discrimination and contempt they were subjected to – motivated José Vieira to reconstruct the collective memory and the common story around all those people, no matter their origins, explaining the reasons that made them departure their countries and struggle for better a better life.

Film Details

DIRECTING: José Vieira

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