Translate into Strength - Patchwork of Identities

Saturday / 29.09.2018 / 11:30 / Café Candelabro

The masterclass “Translate into Strength – Patchwork of Identities” embroidering in several lines. We will discuss about experiences and contacts with immigrants women, listen to them, reflecting, with sensibility, toward the ordeals they have been facing. The gathering is none other than a pretext to wander along the campaign course, in order to dialogue about their dynamics and reception – either by immigrants population and non-immigrants.


Halya Komar had moved to Portugal on September of 2013. On the moment, she works as a representative and customer service receptionist in Teleperformance Portugal. Since her arrival she is part of the Ukrainian community social life. Lecturing the children of Ukrainian immigrants in the education ukrainian central of Cecém. Co-founder and vice president of the socio-cultural ukrainian association “Lado a Lado” along those promoting the Ukrainian culture in Portugal. Among her projectos: two editions of a festival of ukrainian short-length “Noite aberta” (June 2017 & 2018)  and “Noite aberta retrospectiva” (May 2018), a photography exhibition “Promka” by Oleksandr Kromplias about the military conflicts with Russia and East of Ukrainian (June 2017), screening of the documentary about the annexation of Crimea “Crimeia. Como era” by Kostiantyn Kliatskin (December 2016). In Ukrainian, Halya studied philosophy. She thinks on concluding her master in anthropology in FCSH Nova de Lisboa – focus in studies about the Ukrainian Community in Portugal.

My name is Andreia Friaças. I always consider myself a curious individual – and the curiosity brought anxiety. I graduate in journalism in 2017 and debut in editorial room of SAPO24 months later. Nowadays dedicate to the fascinating rhythm of QI News and to the freelancer world, publishing regularly at the newspaper “O Corvo”. Was part of the Media & Genre seminar at Lusófona University and in October I began my master in ISCSP, on Lisbon. Either through my writing or the way I charge life, I follow the same dictum: Live with and toward freedom.

Daniela Bojan born on 27th May, 1996, in a small village at Satu Mare. With 5 years, moved with her family to Portugal. Engaged in her academic path in Portugal. In 2010 initiate her studies in Music in a philharmonic society and since then never stop on that field. In 2017 concluded her licence in African Studies, having the opportunity of an internship in SEF during 2 months.

António Castelo born in Macao in 1986 and travel to Lisbon when he was 11 years old, meanwhile he had lived in other countries. Never had stopped travelling and be interested for social topics in Portugal and other places among the world he had visited. To know another reality from a personal first view, since an early age, among several countries of Asia, Europe, Middle Eastern, America and Africa were essential in his development and the beginning of his motives to nowadays wanting to work actively in the communication platform QI News. Licence in Biology Evolutionary at University of Lisbon and a Master in Evolutionary Psychology in the University of Liverpool.

Cândida Pinto – editor of the section of international in SIC and coordinator of the program “Grande Reportagem” – was the director of “SIC Notícias” (2001-2003) and part of the direction board of the newspaper “Expresso” (2005-2008). In the last 20 years, as a journalist-reporter, Cândida has been in several conflicts zones and natural catastrophes as well as covering electoral campaigns and developing several journalistic projects in different locations around the world: Afghanistan, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, USA, France, Iraq, Libya, Georgia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Guinea-Bissau, Timor, Ukraine, Haiti, Pakistan, Russia, Syria-Turkey border, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Hungary, Serbia, Mozambique, etc. Cândida Pinto has also reported in the North Pole and Antarctica. Won several international and national journalism awards.

The masterclass is in English / Portuguese and free of charge.

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