Today Is 11th June 1993

Clarissa Thieme
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany | 2018 | Doc., Experimental | 13’ | Sub. PT/EN

Friday / 28.09.2018 / 19:00 / Cinema Passos Manuel / experimentalEAST 2


„Today is 11th June 1993. The war has been going on for very long. I’ve tried everything to get out, to save myself, nothing worked. The only thing left is (…) a time machine (…) and someone watching this will come and get me out of this.“


During the Yugoslavian war, a group of young people imagines the escape from the enclosed city of Sarajevo with the help of a time machine. Thieme activates the appeal of the past with the help of translator/ speaker Grace Sungeun Kim addressing the future anew. How will we react?


“Today Is 11th June 1993” was developed on the basis of an intense engagement with the Library Hamdija Kreševljaković Video Arhiv in Sarajevo, a private collection of amateur videos, in which the inhabitants of Sarajevo documented their lives during the siege.


Clarissa Thieme is an artist and filmmaker. In her films and installations she combines documentary and fictional elements to explore the politics of memory and identity processes. Thieme is currently a Research Fellow at the Berlin Center for Advanced Studies in Arts and Sciences (BAS).

Film Details

DIRECTING: Clarissa Thieme
PRODUCTION: Clarissa Thieme

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