Once again – for its second edition, BEAST International Film Festival will focus on the landscapes of Eastern European cinema. From the Balkans to the Baltic, through post-communism, BEAST covers 21 countries, whose unique vision is embodied in a series of new works by emerging authors, the new faces of the New East. The structure of the festival has been designed to allow as much diversity as possible in the collection of the films that constitute the official competition and also special programs such as Focus Country dedicated to Ukraine, Portuguese Abroad or the Visegrad Film Hub that will help to bring a wider and wider selection to the big screens of Oporto.
During five days of the festival, BEAST will show about 90 films, including 1 world premiere, 3 European premieres and 70 national premieres in 21 sessions, 7 categories, and a collection of masterclasses and workshops, as well as an illustrious panel of national and international guests.

Official Competition – Short films made in the last 2 years
EAST WAVE – Fiction EAST DOC – Documentary  experimentalEAST – Experimental
From 27.09 to 30.09, Cinema Trindade, Passos Manuel, and Casa das Artes – more info on
Focus Ukraine
Opening Film BEAST 2018: Vulcano by Roman Bondarchuk, Ucraine, 2018
26.09, Cinema Trindade, 21:30  +Q&A session with the Director
Debut: Competition – Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Festival Visit: Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival
28.09, Cinema Trindade, 21:30 +Q&A session with the Artistic Director
Director Focus New Talents: Kateryna Gornostai
29.09, Cinema Trindade, 18:15  +Q&A session with the Director
Visegrad Film Hub
Visegrad Film Hub, Poland: FUGA by Agnieszka Smoczyńska, Poland, 2018
27.09, Cinema Trindade, 21:30  +Q&A session with the Artistic Director of New Horizons IFF
Debut at The Cannes Festival
Visegrad Film Hub, Czech Republic: 16mm films from BRNO16 ISFF
28.09, Casa das Artes, 21:30  +Q&A session with the Artistic Director
Visegrad Film Hub, Slovakia: 25 Years of Slovak Animation, from Fest Anca IAF
29.09, Cinema Trindade, 16:00  +Q&A session with the Producer
Visegrad Film Hub, Hungary:  Best of BuSho International Short Film Festival
30.09, Cinema Trindade, 18:15  +Q&A session with the Festival Director
BALTIC EYE: What we leave behind by Jurate Samulionyte, Lithuania, 2017
27.09, Casa das Artes,, 21:30  +Q&A session with the Producer
BALTIC EYE: Poetic Documentary: Traditions and Transitions – with Arunas Matelis
29.09, Casa das Artes, 18:00  + open discussion with Director and Producer Arunas Matelis
Marina Abramović In Brazil: The Space in Between, Brazil, 2016
29.09, Cinema Trindade, 21:30





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