Post Pxrn

One of the clearest signs of the changes that contemporary culture is undergoing is the social relationship to sexuality: the ways in which it is narrated, presented, censored and criticized set the boundaries of what we think of ourselves as a community and where we position our place and that of others in it.

Post Pxrn Film Festival Warsaw was born of a specific political situation; born in an atmosphere of social and political protests directed at the increasing interference in our basic rights, the lack of sex education and the lack of a language with which to narrate sexuality. The constant pressure directed toward the LGBTQIA+ community, the practical ban on abortion and the dominance of the religious narrative in the public sphere have triggered mechanisms of resistance and the rediscovery of pleasure as a fundamental right for each of us. They also became the foundation for building a community free of these prejudices.

Radical Visibility - Post Pxrn Film Festival Warsaw

In this program, made in collaboration between BEAST and PPFFW, the films are an attempt to reclaim a language for talking about carnality. It is worth watching not only with curiosity but also with concern: this is the beginning of a new path leading towards contemporary art, freedom and dignity.