Over the years BEAST has strove to foster a space for a deeper glance of the cinematic landscapes of particular countries: the Focus Country section. A programme that in each edition attempts to bring the audiences closer to a diverse set of emerging and established works and filmmakers.

RE/FOCUS is a programme that arises from an urge to re/connect, from a will to stay in touch with previous editions’ Focus Countries.

Special Screening

This year the festival sends an invitation – to go back – to the future: hosting a Special Screening that brings Lithuania (Focus Country 2019) back into the spotlight with “ROBERTA”, a documentary directed by Elena Kairyte.
An intimate portrait of Roberta, filmed during a long period of time, that might just rightfully resonate with most from this (but also other) generation(s), even with different socio-economic backgrounds. We’re invited on a non-chronological journey that ultimately transpires an alienating state of experience – each in their own distinct way – as a result of the inevitable collapse of the ideal depiction of life (that utopia) falsely led and carried by capitalist expectations. Forces from a system (that still manages to prevail and) that dictates unachievable goals which can lead to numbness or a feeling of constantly running (, running, running) against a tide that never seems to change. In the end, there’s “No Happy Ever After”. This film aligns with our festival’s motto in its own way: showing us how one keeps trying, keeps moving, keeps changing (even their hair color), whilst also being surrounded by a feeling of failure, of precarity that does not – should not – belong to them.