"This programming seeks to occupy a space, although emerging, yet little explored in the historiography and public debate on the history of relations between the various Eastern European countries and the countries of the African continent, which adopted socialist models during the wars for national independence, as well as in the post-independence period. The panoply of selected films accompanied by informed comments, as well as the masterclass on this subject by Bojana Videkanic (University of Waterloo, Canada), aims to show and problematize the diversity of these past relations on the South-East axis and their legacies in today's postcolonial and post-socialist spaces. The films chosen point to the range of relationships established at the level of microhistories that were forged by the macrohistory of relations established by the African liberation movements with various countries of Eastern Europe, beginning with the 1960s. Thus, on the first day, we will discuss the Mozambique-former Yugoslavia links, through the solidarity translated into the co-production of this first Mozambican feature film, with the support of Yugoslavian colleagues. The second day is dedicated to two films of the acclaimed director Abderrahmane Sissako. These come from the life story of the Mauritanian director who, in his youth, studied in the former Soviet Union. If “Octobre” talks about the love story between an African student in the Soviet Union and a young Russian girl, “Rostov-Luanda” explains the 1975 Angolan independence as a moment of searching, of transforming an ever present past. The last day of this program is dedicated to newsreels that feature archival footage of Tito's official visits to Africa and the Soviet presence on the African continent. All sessions will be followed by a debate and a Q&A session. Partenership: Project BLEND - Desire, Miscegenation and Violence: the now and then of the Portuguese Colonial War, Centre for Social Studies (University of Coimbra). Project Coordinator: Maria Paula Meneses (Centre for Social Studies, UC). For more information about the project, please visit: Cinémathèque Français Curator: Iolanda Vasile Iolanda Vasile, PhD candidate in Postcolonial Studies and Global Citizenship and Junior Researcher at the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra (Portugal); Portuguese Language Lecturer, Coordinator and Cultural Manager of the Portuguese Language Center of Camões Institute (Portugal) at West University, Timisoara (Romania). She is a film curator for almost 10 years trying to bridge the divide between the academic and the cinema world."

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