UKRANIAN FILM DAYS: Mostra de Cinema Ucraniano
Casa das Artes – Rua Ruben 210
11-12.12 18:00 & 21:00
Free Entry
Subtitles in English & Portuguese

Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival with the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine (PIS) with the support of BEAST International Film Festival bring to Porto four major recent Ukrainian productions in a cycle of two days in Casa das Artes.

11th of December

18:00h | War of Chimeras
Anastasiia Starozhitska, Mariia Starozhitska
Ukraine, 2017, Doc. , 94’, M16

The story of war, love and death that was documented by the immediate participants of events. Off screen and later on it are the two – a boy and a girl. He volunteered for the front; she went to the place just after the battle. He got into Ilovaysk cauldron, lost his closest brother-soldiers. She, while travelling along the ruined towns, strives to understand the essence of war and love. Both tell openly one another about their feelings during the war, escaping the cauldron, a try to live together after, and a common trip to the frontline.

21:00 | When The Trees Fall
Marysia Nikitiuk
UKraine/Poland/Macedonia, 2018, Fic. , 88’, M16

The story of a five year old little rebellious girl Vitka with her teenage cousin Larysa and her boyfriend, the young criminal Scar unfolds in a Ukrainian provincial setting. Larysa finds herself at a crossroads after the death of her father. Yearning to be self made, the village community ostracizes her for loving Scar. Larysa discovers her grandmother once sacrificed her love for a young gypsy abandoning him for traditional values and other people’s opinions. Larysa’s mother is too psychologically weak to support her daughter. Larysa and Scar plan to escape from a life of crime, misery and their relatives. But are they ready to pay the full price for freedom?

12th of December
18:00 – Falling
Marina Stepanska
Ukraine, 2017, Fic. , 105’, M16

FALLING is a story about the post-revolutionary generation of young Ukrainian people looking for their place in a modern Ukraine. It follows two bewildered people who meet at a crucial moment of their existence and experience few days of happiness together.

21:00 – Cyborgs
Akhtem Seitablaev
Ukraine, 2017, Fic., 112’, M16

It is a story of a several-week-long military duty in September 2014. A group of military volunteers comes to Donetsk Airport for the first time – the Airport has been held by Ukrainians for more than four months of war.