East Wave – Fiction

Best Film: Seven Awkward Sex Scenes. Part One – Liene Linde, 2016, Latvia
For its ingenious and ironic representation of  the perspective based in the archetypes of interpersonal relationships and the cinematography industry. Self-Irony and critical thought in its maximum exponent.

Jury Mention: Warm Comedy about Depression, Madness and Unfulfilled Dreams – Michal Duris, 2007, Slovakia
By its rhythm and its own punk structure, without excuses, as its humorist treatment about the challenges of daily life of a family.

East Doc – Documentary

Best Film: Paper, Horse and Birds – Zoran Tairović, 2017, Serbia
By the creation of a poetic and political picture of a family, this movie negotiate, in a well executed way, the role of the director and the agency of their actors.

Jury Mention: Vytis – Jevgenij Tichonov 2017, Lithuania
By its study non-exotic and inclusive of the characters in question, with a meticulous attention for details, this creative documentary enwrap the audience in its own terms.

experimentalEAST – Experimental

Best Film: Today is the 11th June 1993 – Clarissa Thieme, 2018, Bosnia and Herzegovina
By its refreshment treatment of the mundane which persists, during the  war, and its approaches highly conceptual in the construction of cinematography narrative.

Jury Mention: All Still Orbit – Dane Komljen,James Lattimer, 2016, Croatia
By its meditate exploration and the atmospheric dynamic of geopolitical non-spoken and by creation of subjective landscape which invite the audience to join.