about us

BEAST International Film Festival is set to bring Eastern European cinema and its audiovisual culture to Porto, a thriving cultural center in Europe’s westernmost country - a bridge connecting the two sides of the Old Continent.

BEAST IFF aims to present a unique film scene with fresh and intriguing story lines, depicting a specific and contemporary society . This will be the first film festival totally dedicated to Eastern European cinema taking place in Portugal, promoting the film industry, culture and identity.

The festival screening will be held between 21st and 24th of September 2017 in the heart of Porto, Portugal with a competition divided in multiple sections, interactive workshops and other side events organised all over the city. BEAST International Film Festival is brought to you in partnership with the City Council of Porto and other local and international cultural institutions.

BEAST IFF 2017 is an event organized by Plus East Cultural Association.

Plus East is a cultural association based in Portugal, build around the motto “from East to West” reflecting the mission – promotion of Eastern European culture and contemporary arts in Portugal and other European countries.