The winners of the Official Competition of the sixth edition of BEAST are already known! This year, the festival attributed a prize and a jury mention for each category. The best fiction, documentary, experimental and animation works were awarded by this year’s jury.


EAST WAVE AWARD for Best Fiction Film

Only the Devil Hates Water, Lidija Mojsovska 

Macedonia, former Yugoslav Republic | 2022 | 18’

‘From the very first frame, the film weaves a captivating narrative that immerses viewers in a world of intrigue, suspense, and dark emotions. Mojsovska’s exceptional directorial skills shine through as she masterfully draws the audience into this emotionally charged story. The film’s technical execution is exquisite, with each frame meticulously composed to convey profound emotional depth through the expert use of light and shadow. The cast’s haunting and emotionally resonant performances blur the lines between good and evil, creating characters that deeply resonate with the audience. Beyond its technical brilliance, the film delves deep into the human psyche, exploring themes of morality, redemption, and the consequences of one’s actions, making it a thought-provoking and powerful cinematic experience.’



Cherries, Vytautas Katkus

Lithuania  | 2022 | 15’ 

‘For being an undeniable cinematic gem in its visual poetry where the director demonstrates an extraordinary ability to capture the subtleties of human emotions and relationships. Through its simple yet profoundly moving narrative, “Cherries” touches the hearts of its audience and leaves a lasting impact.’


EAST DOC AWARD for Best Documentary

The Trip, Rimantas Oičenka 

Lithuania | 2022 | 25’

‘”The Trip” is a testament to the power of documentary filmmaking to shed light on historical moments and the lives of those often overlooked by mainstream narratives. Through its evocative storytelling and striking visuals, the film invites viewers to connect with the human experiences of these fishermen and reflect on the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Rimantas Oicenka’s work is a testament to the enduring power of documentary cinema to capture the essence of our shared humanity.’



The silence of the banana trees, Eneos Çarka

Albania | 2022 | 25’ 

‘For being a work of profound artistic expression where the directorial vision shines brightly through a masterful blend of visual storytelling, symbolism, and atmospheric depth. The director also transports us into a mesmerizing world of contemplation and introspection creating a palpable sense of atmosphere and mood that encourages viewers to reflect on the power of quietude and the often-overlooked nuances of existence.’


experimentalEAST AWARD for Best Experimental Film

While We Were Here, Sunčica Fradelići 

Croatia | 2022 | 15’

‘For a fragile and poetic contemplation on loss and life which slowly crawls under our skin and resonates with the viewer long after the first viewing, the award for the best experimental film goes to “While We Were Here” by Suncica Fradelic.’



Kihnu Marathon, Ivar Murd 

Estonia | 2023 | 11’

‘A unique cinematic hybrid between a performance, sport docu-fiction and a humorous fantasy. For a passionate and multi-layered film which is impossible not to love, the special mention of the jury goes to “Kihnu Maraton” by Ivar Murd.’


ANIMA EAST AWARD for Best Animation Film

Eeva, Lucija Mrzljak, Morten Tšinakov 

Estonia | 2022 | 15’

‘Subtle but powerful, a complex dark story full of intriguing mysteries and surprises which was built with a clear vision of the directors and a fresh approach to the personal and collective reaction to the tragedy, the award for the best animation film goes to “Eeva” by Lucija Mrzljak and Morten Tšinakov.’



My Name Is Edgar And I Have A Cow, Filip Diviak 

Czech Republic | 2023. | 7’

‘A funny short which delivers a simple message on openness to change on the pillars of new found love and empathy, with very affective aesthetics and tempo, the special mention of the jury goes to “My Name Is Edgar And I Have A Cow” by Filip Diviak.’